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SIPROTEC 6MD63 - Инстин
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Производитель: Siemens
Код: 6MD63
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The SIPROTEC 4 IO-Box 6MD61 enables in a simple, easy way to enhance the number of binary inputs and outputs in the switchgear. It can be used directly in the bay together with other SIPROTEC4 units and also together with SICAM PAS to serve as a central process connection. The IO-Box is based on the SIPROTEC 6MD63 and 6MD66 series, so it can be easily integrated in systems with other SIPROTEC 4 units. The IO-Box supports a wide range of demand for additional binary inputs (BI) and binary outputs (BO), starting from 20 BI+10 BO and going up to 80 BI+53 BO.
The relay possesses all functions required to protect a section of the overhead contact line and can therefore be deployed universally.


Integration of protection and measurement functions into a single unit (7ST61)
Integration of protection, control, measurement and automation functions into a single unit (7ST63)
Shortest tripping times due to adaptive protection algorithms
Effi cient operation due to a universal tool for all tasks
Flexible use thanks to standard communication protocols
The Voltage and Frequency protection SIPROTEC 7RW80 is equipped with a high performance microprocessor. This provides numerical processing of all functions in the device, from the acquisition of the measured values up to the output of commands to the circuit breakers. Figure shows the basic structure of the device 7RW80.