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7RW600 - Инстин
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Производитель: Siemens
Код: 7RW600
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Опросный лист 7RW600Техническая документация 7RW600
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The combination of UTME 6-MP test disconnect terminal block and SMP test disconnect plug is an economic solution to test protection devices and to disconnect control and measurement equipment.

The wiring is done directly from the terminals to the tested object either with or without open starpoint.
The Voltage and Frequency protection SIPROTEC 7RW80 is equipped with a high performance microprocessor. This provides numerical processing of all functions in the device, from the acquisition of the measured values up to the output of commands to the circuit breakers. Figure shows the basic structure of the device 7RW80.
Due to their quality, reliability and design, these relays are optimal for applications requiring high reliability and availability such as power stations, substations, railway and industrial plants. Typical examples include petrochemical industry, chemical industry, cement industry, rolling mills etc. The relays comply with the IEC, EN, IEEE standards (type and routine test) and bear the CE mark. The robust switch contacts are characterized by high make/break capacity, overload capability and continuous current intensity capacity; thus perfect insulation is obtained. Direct control of high-voltage and medium-voltage switchgear is possible. Their high degree of protection and the transparent cover ensure reliable operation in tropical and/or salty sea air ambient conditions.
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