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SIPROTEC 6MD665 - Инстин
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Производитель: Siemens
Код: 6MD665
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Опросный лист SIPROTEC 6MD665Техническая документация SIPROTEC 6MD665
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Устройство 7VE61:
Проверка синхронизма для систем и функция ручной синхронизации.
В данной модификации возможна параллельная работа трех синхронизаторов в составе одного устройства.
Включение систем на параллельную работу.
Отключение систем и автоматическая ресинхронизация.
Автоматическая синхронизация генераторов малой и средней мощности.
The Voltage and Frequency protection SIPROTEC 7RW80 is equipped with a high performance microprocessor. This provides numerical processing of all functions in the device, from the acquisition of the measured values up to the output of commands to the circuit breakers. Figure shows the basic structure of the device 7RW80.
Light-weight and compact the 7VP158 is the most powerful solution in the field of secondary injection testing. The 7VP158 has been designed to provide a solution for every eventuality. Distance protection, overcurrent protection and differential protection equipment as well as monitoring relays, synchronizing devices, energy meters and measuring transducers can be tested using 7VP158 test unit. The 7VP158 offers a wider range of features than the 7VP151.